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Managed Services

Stay free of worries about managing your IT infrastructure with our support by our service desk and in-house engineers.

Ready to digitize your business?

Let us help you manage your business smarter from day one.

Email Hosting Safeguard your emails with the right tools that you need At WIZTECH, we’ll take care of hosting your email with the provision of an email domain name and a secured environment on a virtual hosting platform so you can focus on building your business. Our email hosting service coverage:
  • Domain Name System
  • SmarterMail
  • Exchange plan
  • Storage
Web Hosting Build your website presence with a fast and secured hosting partner As your hosting provider, we offer an effective and secured virtual hosting platform that allows your website accessible on the internet. Besides hosting your website, we also provide:
  • Domain Name System
  • Website Hosting
  • Private Cloud
VoIP via Cloud Conduct your calls with ease while on the go Host your telephony or video conferences efficiently and secured on a virtual hosting platform. Conduct your calls with ease while on the go Features
  • Extension dialing (internal number)
  • Able to customize the routing of one number
Storage Management Improve performance of resources and protect against data loss We provide storage environment for:
  • Data placement
  • Storage management services.
Backup and Restoration Securely backup and recover your data no matter where it is In partnership with Acronis, an all-in-one integrated solution of cybersecurity, data protection and management, we provide a range of backup and restoration services such as:
  • Data backup
  • Restoration of on-premise data or cloud-based data via central administration
IT Disaster Recovery Minimize the risks of a disaster WIZTECH provides an in-scope IT infrastructure as per your requirements when a disaster arises or when a drill is conducted so you can focus on your business activities with the least disruption.
Service Desk and End-User Support Get any help readily by our service desks and in-house engineers Whether you are a local or overseas end-user, we act as a single point of contact with our 24/7 support by service desks for all in-scope related incidents and service requests and/or provide onsite support, including:
  • Basic IT support
  • Onsite, remote support
System Management Ensure your system is up to date with the help from our trusted and well-trained engineers With our range of system management services, let us take the load off your shoulders and let you focus on your growth. Our service coverage:
  • Server/system OS installation
  • Hardening
  • Configuration
  • File system allocation
  • User administration
  • OS related system services activation/de-activation
  • Installation of security updates
Network Management Ensure your network infrastructure is running efficiently and smoothly Keeping up with the latest IT resources can be challenging – but you do not have to face it alone. At WIZTECH, we offer a range of maintenance services, from administration to preventive maintenance, to keep your system running effectively and smoothly. Our network maintenance includes:
  • Network equipment
  • Network zones
  • Network subnets

WIZTECH is a high-growth company, listed on Top 100 Fast Moving Companies Singapore 2022.

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