A certified and ready-to-use solution for small and midsized businesses Hosted in SAP approved hardware, HANA, WIZTECH offers a certified solution that is offered on a pay-per-user monthly basis. The significant economic and deployment savings are based on a simple installation with the capacity to grow user by user, thus reducing the usual costs of an SAP Business One deployment and provides the flexibility and granularity that your company requires.
Service that we offer to deploy your SAP Business One
Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Deployed through the internet which allows user to have accessibility even on smartphones and other mobile devices.
  • We will facilitate everything for you so you can focus and run your business with minimal upfront cost.
  • From licenses and updates to backups and data protection from an SAP Business One Cloud Control Center.
  • Features
    AI-Driven Predictive support automation and AI-driven recommendation that improves performance, drives higher availability and optimize resource utilization and planning.
    Self-service Upgrades Deploy the latest features and enhancement instantly through self-service without needing an IT team.
    Pay-per-Use Free up cash flow and increase financial agility with our mix of subscription and consumption-based services.
    We’ll Manage Your Data Infrastructure Move away from the traditional model of owning and managing your data infrastructure – simply access-and-use it on demand.
    Why run your SAP Business One with WIZTECH cloud service?
    We are a qualified SAP silver partner and a one-stop IT solutions provider to businesses offering cloud services, managed cybersecurity solutions, EP implementation, and many more. As an end-to-end IT provider, implementing SAP Business One for your business can be hassle-free. Our service comprises from back-end hosting to front-end customisation; where SAP Business One can be integrated seamlessly into your current infrastructure by our in-house team of consultants and developers.
    Benefits of deploying SAP Business One as Software as a Service (SaaS)
    Access and utilize SAP Business One via cloud on-demand
    Simplified and easy deployment as it does not require hardware and server
    Self-service upgrades for the latest versions and features
    Pay-per-use consumption-based billing
    Instant scalability for resources according to demand for optimized operation
    End-to-end security
    Want to learn more about our pricing?
    Using lesser resources to achieve a greater output for your business, SAP Business One is more cost-efficient than you might think. Let us help you to manage your business smarter from day one.

    WIZTECH is a high-growth company, listed on Top 100 Fast Moving Companies Singapore 2022 SME100