Cloud services for the insurance industry

Cloud Services for the Insurance Industry

Why Cloud Adoption is Increasingly Popular among Insurers?

Faster service delivery with shorter implementation time

Cloud-based solutions can simplify and automate workflow such as client enrolment, claim process and management.

This enables insurers to work with greater flexibility and quickly - shortening service implementation time for a better customer experience.

Grow as an innovative business model

With cloud, new technologies and solutions can be deployed instantly to existing operations with minimal effort, allowing insurers to innovate and work without barriers to develop new products and services.


Working on clouds can be cost-effective to insurers as cloud services remove the need for physical IT infrastructure and works on pay-what-you-use pricing models.

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Global expansion

One of the benefits that cloud services bring is enabling remote working from anywhere with internet connectivity.

Cloud adoption makes it easy for insurers to standardise and expand their business operation globally without barriers.

Solutions for General and Life Insurance Agencies

1. Customer relationship management (CRM) for insurance professional.
2. Sales pipeline management.
3. Security solutions for secured access to confidential information.
4. Effective marketing automation.
5. Data Backup and disaster recovery.
6. Redefined operation workflow for innovative services.

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