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Raise Your Business Productivity to a Higher Level

Raise business productivity to a higher level by extending your business into cloud services. Cloud services empower businesses to work optimally beyond physical limitations with endless growth potential.

Cloud services are suitable for startups, small and medium-sized businesses as it is cost-effective – allowing organisations to be less reliant on physical hardware and pay-what-you-use pricing models.

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What You Can Do with Cloud Service?


Cloud Adoption

Raise business productivity to a higher level by extending your business into cloud solutions. Cloud solutions empower businesses to work optimally beyond physical limitations with endless growth potential.

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Cloud Connectivity

Host a private connection between your IT infrastructure and our private cloud services can maximise operational productivity and offers attractive benefits such as enhanced security, performance, reliability while being cost effective.

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Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud services benefit businesses by providing a reliable IT infrastructure that is flexible and scalable as it can instantly scale up and down according to traffic demands. A cloud-based IT infrastructure will be able to support your business operations as it grows.

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How Does Cloud Services Benefit Your Business?

Highly flexible

As long as there is internet connectivity, employees can access and work remotely anywhere and anytime because information and applications are stored on a cloud server.

Cloud servers have unlimited bandwidth and storage space to allow businesses to scale flexibly anytime to cope with traffic demands.

Increased efficiency & collaboration

Working on clouds allows employees to access information easily and quickly as it removes the communication barriers from traditional IT infrastructures. Business workflows become more streamlined as they can be completed efficiently and effectively.

Scalable IT infrastructure

Working on clouds ensures businesses operate optimally consistently, such as improved website speed and minimising downtime. Cloud servers are deployed automatically to scale IT resources up and down to cope with heavy load demands.

Affordable price

Make your operating expenditure cost-effective by paying only for resources that you’ve consumed in the cloud servers. Get Digital Acceleration Grant with us to offset your cost when shifting to cloud services.

Enhanced operational readiness & resilience

Cloud services are deployed in data centers that reduce potential disruptions and IT incidents such as equipment failure or a power outage that may affect your business operation.

Automatic software updates & integration

Round-the-clock maintenance for cloud services to ensure software and applications are updated automatically to keep your business operation optimal and secured.

Environmental and storage friendly

With lesser or even no server needed for your business, extending your business into clouds can reduce carbon emission and save space for physical hardware.

Less effort, more productivity

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Extending your business into cloud may be more affordable than you think.

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WIZTECH – One Provider for All Your Cloud Needs

Extend your business to cloud solutions and start your journey with WIZTECH.

As an end-to-end cloud service provider, simplify your cloud journey process and get support at every step within a single point of contact – from consultation to deployment and management.

One Provider for All Your Cloud Needs

Keeping Your Cloud Infrastructure Safe

Host and secure your cloud infrastructure and applications in a IT environment safely with WIZTECH’s privately-owned cloud service - Wault Private Cloud. Hosted from Equinix, the world’s leading data center and interconnectivity provider which is trusted and used by many banks and financial service clients in Singapore

Get consulted by our Cloud specialists to understand if a public cloud, private cloud or a hybrid cloud solution is best suited for your business operations.

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